Soal UTS/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 Semester 1 TERBARU

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing (X) a, b, c, or d!

1. Ifa: “Hi, I am Ifa, what is your name?”
        Lia: “…. name is Lia”
A. I
B. My 
C. You
D. Your

2. Fira: “Hello Hani, nice to meet you!”
        Hani: “……………………”
A. How are you?
B. Nice to meet you, too
C. I live in Bandar Lampung
D. My name is Hani

3. Doni: “………..”
        Dani: “I am eight years old”
A. Where do you live?
B. What is your name?
C. How old are you?
D. How are you?

4. Badu: “Hello, meet my friend,
        ….. name is Akram”
A. He
B. His
C. She
D. Her

5. Joni: “Where does she live?
        Yuni: “………..”
A. My live in Bandar Lampung
B. I live in Bandar Lampung
C. She lives in Bandar Lampung
D. He lives in Bandar Lampung

6. Salma: “Who is he?”
        Salwa: “…….Nino, the new student”
A. She is
B. He is
C. I am
D. We are

7. Dani: “How … you, Lala?”
        Lala: “I am fine, thank you”
A. Is
B. Are
C. Am
D. Your 

8. Alex: “How old is your grandmother?”
        Zola: “She is eighty nine years old”
A. 88
B. 89
C. 98
D. 99
9. The number word of 93 is…
A. Ninety three
B. Thirty nine
C. Eighty three
D. Seventy three

10. X: How many books are there?
Y: …… twenty books.
A. These are
B. There are
C. There is 
D. Those are

11. A: How many pencils are there?
B: There are thirty eight pencils
A. 83
B. 38
C. 48
D. 88

12. A: How are you?
B: …….
A. I am fine, thank you
B. You are fine, thank you
C. She is fine, thank you
D. He is fine, thank you

13. How is she?
A. She is happy
B. She is sad
C. She is sick
D. She is tired

14. How do you feel? 
A. I am happy
B. I am sad
C. You are happy
D. You are sad 

15. What is he doing?

A. He is sliding
B. She is sliding
C. He is sitting on the grass
D. She is sitting on the grass

16. What is he doing?

A. He is playing football
B. She is playing football
C. He is a football player
D. She is a football player

17. A: “What are they doing?”
B: “……… playing rope jumping”

A. They are 
B. We are 
C. You are
D. They is

18. A:”What is your brother doing?”
B: “He …. Swimming”
A. Is
B. Are
C. Am
D. She

19. A: “What time do you go to school?”
B: “… go to school at six o’clock
A. I
B. You
C. He
D. She

20. A: “What time does she go home?”
B: “She ….. home at two thirty”
A. Goes
B. Go
C. Going
D. Gone
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