1. Which statement is not true about the Grand Bonanza Sale?
A. Its from 31st of July till the 31st of August
B. The customer will receive a TV set, free of charge for purchase above RM3000
C. The Bonanza Sale is for antique furniture
D. Business hours are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday tu Saturday

2. Jihan: Whose guitar is that ?
Ario : ______, Han ?
Jihan : The new one on the table
Ario : Oh, it’s mine. 
A. Which ones
B. Which one
C. What guitar
D. Where else

3. Shopkeeper : So, are you going to buy this gas stove?
Customer : Yes, but ______.
Shopkeeper : Please don’t worry about it. I believe that it will satisfy you. It has a three – year

A. I’m certain the quality is good
B. there ‘s no doubt about the qualit y
C. I’m not sure about the qualit y
D. I can’t decide if it is good

4. Putri wants to apply for a job. Now the manager is interviewing her
Mr. Susilo : What foreign language can you speak?
Putri : English and French
Mr. Susilo : ...
Putri : Yes, fifty words a minute.

A. Can you help me?
B. Can you type?
C. Would you type this letter?
D. Can you write letters?

5. Amanda : Look, aren’t Mike Tyson and Hollyfield good boxers?
Linda : Yes. They are both strong, aren’t they?
Joe         : Yes, but Mike Tyson is ______ Hollyfield
Frank : And Mike can knock out his opponent easily

A. stronger than
B. as strong as
C. the strongest
D. very strong

6. Father : I’ve got a headache. ______
Mother : Certainly. Here it is
Father : Thanks.

A. Can you get me an aspirin, please?
B. Will you take me to a doctor, please?
C. Will you help me hold my head?
D. Do you have time to help me?

7. Lia : Oh, my wallet has been stolen
Uti : ______. How did it happen?
Lia : Maybe a pickpocket took it when I was on the bus.

A. That’s a good idea
B. That would be nice
C. That’s great
D. What a pity

8. Andi : We can spend the night at a hotel
Bakri : Yeah, but to stay at a hotel needs much money, ______?
Andi : That’s right
Bakri : And we don’t have enough for it 

A. don't you
B. doesn't it
C. won't it
D. isn't it 

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